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This company is founded by the creators of RISC-V, an open source computer architecture that anyone can use for free to design, manufacture and sell chips and software … can securely send messages v…

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But, as coding and design careers become increasingly coveted in today’s market, more people are interested in mastering (or at least brushing up on) the tools and techniques of the trade. A handful o…

More Opensource Web Design Software. Those are some of our favorite examples of opensource web design software, but of course, that barely scratches the surface. There are plenty of selfless programmers out there providing a lot of great content to the community. Get out there and look for it, and donate to your favorites if you have the means.


13 Excellent Open Source Tools for Web Designers. Tools By Henry Jones / October 12, 2009. … In this article you will find 13 of the best open source tools for web designers. text editors15 stunning examples of What You Need to See in a One-Page Website Design.

Figma Tutorial - A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It's awesome. [social_buttons]A New York software company has announced the scheduled release of its open-source wind farm design software. albany-based aws TrueWind designed the openWind software so that a range o…

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